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Open Days & Visiting Us

Open Days

What better way to get a real feel for Pembroke than to visit? Come to an Open Day and take a look around.

Open Day Dates and Bookings 2019

Below are listed the 2019 dates. To book a place, please click on the relevant date. Please note that bookings are not yet open, and will open in early 2019.

Date Subjects Year Group
Wednesday 17th April 2019 Pembroke College only: Arts, Humanities and Social Science subjects 12 or equivalent
Thursday 18th April 2019 Pembroke College only: Science subjects 12 or equivalent
Saturday 4th May 2019 Pembroke College only: Mathematics 12 or equivalent
Wednesday 3rd July 2019 Pembroke College only: Law 12 or equivalent
Thursday 4th July 2019 University of Cambridge and Pembroke College Open Day: All subjects 12 or equivalent
Friday 5th July 2019 University of Cambridge and Pembroke College Open Day: All subjects 12 or equivalent
Friday 20th September 2019 Pembroke College only: All subjects 13 or equivalent

Are you a teacher interested in bringing your brightest students to visit us? We welcome group bookings from state schools. If you are interested in bringing a group, please note that all students will need to fill in the booking form individually.

You can also book the University of Cambridge Open Days via their website.

Need a bed for the night?

For those wishing to attend one of our open days, we offer bed and breakfast for £15.50 per night. When open day bookings go live in 2019, you will be able to request a room using a link below and the Admissions Office will contact you to arrange payment and confirm the booking. 

Visiting Us

If you are unable to visit us during an open day, then you are still welcome to come and look around Pembroke to see if we are the place for you! Please email us, and we will be able to let you know further details - either information regarding self-guided tours, or whether we are able to arrange a tour for you.

Events for Schools

Each Cambridge college is linked to specific areas in the UK. Pembroke offers a range of events for students from its link areas:

  • Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire
  • Leicester and Leicestershire
  • Northamptonshire
  • London Borough of Southwark
  • Scotland (shared with Homerton College)

Once we have publicised our events to schools in our link areas above, we’re always glad to consider applications from other state schools. If you’re a teacher or advisor and would like to hear more about these opportunities, please contact us.

We also have a monthly e-newsletter; if you are a teacher and would like to find out about upcoming opportunities for your students then please do sign up!

Self-guided tours

You're very welcome to come and look around the Pembroke College grounds any day between 9am to 5pm. We are only closed to visitors during the exam period in May and June, and on occasional weekend days for events such as weddings. 

We encourage schools and colleges to arrange small group visits. We also encourage those who are visiting from outside the UK and are unable to attend one of the College Open Days to get in touch. If you can't travel to Cambridge and back home in a day, we may be able to provide accommodation outside term-time.

Contact our Schools Liaison Officers or Admissions Officer to see if a visit is possible.


Cambridge is a wonderful place to explore but its winding historic streets can be congested. Cars have limited access to the city centre and parking can be challenging, so we suggest you consider other forms of transport.

Plan your trip using Park & Ride and get visitor tips from the Tourist Information Centre.