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Costs and Financial Support

We at Pembroke College - and Cambridge University as a whole - are committed to making sure financial need isn't a barrier to anyone who wants to apply to study here.

Read through this section to find out what kind of fees and living expenses to expect. You'll also find lots of useful information about the various types of financial support you can apply for as an undergraduate student. 


The cost of study can be divided into two parts:

  1. Tuition fees - what you pay towards your course
  2. Daily living costs - maintenance

Tuition Fees

Visit the university website to see the current tuition fees.

To cover their tuition fees, all UK students can seek financial support from the UK government.

To help cover maintenance costs, UK students can seek financial support from the UK government, Cambridge University and Pembroke College.

These websites provide more information about how much support you could receive:

Student loans

All qualifying students, regardless of household income, are eligible for a loan from the relevant body (out of the four listed above) to cover all or part of their tuition fees. The loan is paid directly to the College and you don’t need to repay it until you have graduated and earn over the repayment threshold

Cambridge Bursary Scheme for undergraduates

UK and EU students are automatically eligible for support from the Cambridge Bursary scheme if your household income is below a certain level. Payment of this bursary is split between the College and the University.