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Undergraduate Accommodation

Pembroke offers College owned accommodation to all undergraduates, for the full three or four years of their degree.

Accommodation - first year and beyond

All of our first year undergraduates, and over half of all our undergraduates, live on the main College site. 

If your application to study with us is successful, we’ll send you accommodation information in late spring and ask you to tell us your preferred price range for a room. We allocate rooms in late August and will send you the details in early September.

When you reach second and third year, rooms are allocated via a student-run ballot system. This takes place during the second term; students can enter the ballot in groups of up to four. 


Most of the rooms in College are combined single study bedrooms (no sharing), and a small number have the bedroom and study separate. We have a very limited number of en-suite rooms, with the majority of undergraduate students sharing bathroom facilities. Most rooms have a sink, and bathrooms tend to be shared between no more than five students. There is usually a small kitchenette on each staircase.

Pembroke has a number of houses near the College and near our sports ground, with over 200 rooms available. Many students choose to live more independently by moving to College houses for second and/or third year. Rents in the houses tend to be slightly lower than in College.


We have a room in College adapted for wheelchair use, with an en-suite bathroom. In our newer accommodation block, Foundress Court, there is a lift allowing students with mobility issues to access upstairs rooms. Additional facilities, such as vibrating fire alarms, can often be fitted should they be required.

We're always happy to discuss specific requirements that prospective students might have, so please do get in touch! There's also more information about access in College on the Disability Resource Centre's website.


We only charge rent during term time, though in some circumstances students may stay on during holidays and pay vacation rent as well. Cambridge has three terms, with each term lasting eight weeks. Students are usually in residence for 9-10 weeks per term, so normally pay for between 27-30 weeks each academic year. 

Rents include utility bills (heating, water, electricity and WiFi), and vary according to the room size and facilities available. Please note that those listed below may change, but are accurate for 2019-20.

Weekly costs:

Maximum rent £145.03
Minimum rent £94.95

In addition there is a Kitchen Fixed Charge (KFC) which is paid termly by students and contributes towards the College kitchen running costs, allowing us to offer meals at lower prices. Prices can be found here, and exemptions from paying can be found here