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International Students

We’re delighted to welcome students from all over the world to study at Pembroke and sample a unique taste of UK life. Your presence plays a crucial part in the richly diverse atmosphere we enjoy here.

Cambridge Online Preliminary Application

If you are applying from outside the EU, there is an additional application form that you need to submit - the Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA). The deadline for submission depends on where you are applying to be interviewed (see below) and you should refer to the University website for full details.

Overseas Interviews

Pembroke participates in the Overseas Interviews scheme and have made a number of offers in the past to applicants who have been interviewed overseas. Further information about where interviews are held, and who is eligible to be interviewed in each country can be found on the University website.  

Tuition Fees, Financial Support and Scholarships

Students from outside the EU are eligible to pay University and College fees, which are subject to an increase each year.