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The Chapel is the most beautiful building in the College. Built after the Civil War by Christopher Wren it was a breath of fresh air in the tired late Gothic of C17th England. The striking marble floor, the intricate plaster roof, and the glowing ancient woodwork make it a jewel-like and truly lovely space. This physical and inherited beauty is brought to life regularly by sacred music and profound traditional and modern words and prayers. The Chapel and its worship are beautiful because, from its foundation, the College has acknowledged that human beings are Mind, Body and Spirit.


Contemporary cSpiritual imageulture makes it very hard for us to express the spiritual natures we know we have. Chapel is a place where these things can be taken seriously, affirmed, nurtured and matured. By custom and conviction we seek to do this primarily  through the services and teachings of the Church of England, with its commitment to Scripture, Tradition and Reason, and on being a presence in the heart of each community.


From morning prayers (8:15am) to Compline (9:30pm) and beyond, the Chapel is open for peaceful prayer, meditation and reflection. It is a place to step outside the pressure of College, and connect with the wider world and its concerns. Sunday evening brings preachers from places all over the country and the world to tell us what God means to them and to their communities.


Because the Chapel is a Chapel for the College it is there for everyone, not just members of the Church of England, and not just Christians. For some it is a natural step in a lifelong commitment to Christian life and service. For some  it is the first chance they have had to take matters of faith seriously. For many it is an opportunity to experience beauty and music on their own terms, without pressures to conform and believe. All are welcome in any stage of their journey.