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Computing and Printing


The College provides 24-hour computing facilities with free access to the Internet. The computer room contains around 25 PCs and is located in the Foundress building basement. These computers are part of the universities Managed Cluster Service (MCS) which allows users to log on across the university at participating sites. A list of participating institutions can be found here. All of the MCS computers in the computer room have Windows installed, of which six computers are dual boot Windows and Linux. The MCS computers have a large variety of software packages installed to aid users. A full list of Windows programs which are supported can be found here, and available applications for Linux here.

For further details and instructions for the MCS system please refer to these pages.

In addition to the computers in the Foundress computer room, there are also a couple of computers in the Library as well as one in the Porter’s Lodge for light use.


The Foundress computer room contains two MCS photocopiers. These photocopiers are able to print in A4 and A3, colour or mono, as well as scanning and copying. Printing is achieved by printing to the Pem_Findme print queue from either the MCS computers in the college or by connecting to the print queue from your personal devices. Instruction for how to set up printing from your device can be found here. Once a print job has been submitted to the Pem_Findme print queue, you need to release the print job at the photocopiers by logging on to them and confirming the job. Full instructions can be found at the photocopiers. You will only be charged for the printing released at a printer. Print jobs sent to the Pem_Findme queue will be held there for a limited time before they expire. Print charges can be found here and are added to your end of term college bill.