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Environmental Policy

In achieving excellence in teaching and research, Pembroke College aims to manage its activities, buildings and estates to promote environmental sustainability, to conserve and enhance natural resources and to prevent environmental pollution to bring about a continual improvement in its environmental performance.

The College will comply fully with environmental legislation and officially approved codes of practice, and will continue:

  • to promote sound environmental management policies and practices;
  • to increase awareness of environmental responsibilities amongst Fellows, staff and students;
  • to work with other agencies to promote appropriate environmental policies;
  • to implement policies and procedures that contribute to a reduction in the College’s carbon footprint;
  • to maximise the proportion of waste that is recycled and minimise the quantity of non-recyclable refuse;
  • to strive to source seasonal, local, or sustainable food whenever possible;
  • to reduce energy consumption, especially of energy derived from fossil fuels, in all College property;
  • to minimise consumption of water;
  • to minimise use of chemical and other pollutants;
  • to maintain the grounds and buildings of the College in an environmentally sensitive way;
  • to have regard to environmental factors as far as practicable in respect of the growth of the College;
  • to encourage modes of transport by staff and students which minimise the environmental impact.


Scrutiny of this policy will be the responsibility of the Environmental Awareness Committee. The Committee will meet at least once each term, and will include relevant staff, Fellows and student members. The Committee will develop a plan for improving environmental performance, with measurable indicators where possible, and will report on its progress annually.