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Pembroke College Conflicts of Interest Policy

Conflicts of Interest are governed by Regulation R2.2 6(a) which states that:

(6) (a) On election or re-election, Fellows shall register their material interests with the Bursar who shall record that information in a register.

(b) Fellows shall notify the Bursar of any new material interest that occurs during their membership of the Society.

(c) Fellows shall declare interests which are relevant as and when they come up in the business of a College Meeting or a committee. The person chairing the meeting shall decide whether any Fellow declaring an interest should withdraw during the discussion of that item of business.

This policy was strengthened by decision of the General Policy Committee of 8 May, 2014 confirmed by the College Meeting of 20th May 2014 to add “all College Meeting agenda should have “conflicts of interest” added after apologies for absence” which has been taken in practice to include all meetings of College Committees also.


Andrew Cates

Bursar 17/6/16